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Decorators' Show House 2012 - The Apartment

My space, known as ‘The Apartment,’ is distinct from the formality of the main house and provided an opportunity for me to “turn up the volume.” Even with a small footprint, The Apartment is all-encompassing with the blending of living, dining, cooking and working areas in one space. I’ve layered in shades of gray, white and chartreuse for a dramatic yet casual composition. I chose contemporary upholstery, custom made in Indiana by Outré Studio, with a mix of original art by Indiana artists Rita Spalding, April Willy, Anne Buskirk & Jason Myers. The stunning handcrafted wood furniture is also by Jason Myers and lends a warm touch to this space. Taking the kitchen from tired to sleek, the handcrafted cabinets by Metric are the focal point, with the pièce de résistance being the Italian porcelain backsplash and cork floors from Jack Laurie Flooring.

2012 St Margaret's Guild Decorator Show House - The Apartment